Green Clean Solutions, LLC

Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaning and Refinishing

Green Clean Solutions is now offering superior cleaning and dust-free refinishing!  We invite you to try our hardwood and laminate floor cleaning system the next time your floors look like they have lost their shine.  Our refinishing and revitalization of your floors take less time, is less messy, and cheaper than traditional sanding!  Allow us to use our biodegradable cleaner and polish to revitalize your hardwood and laminate floors.

Our products will deep clean, then we will repair any major nicks, scratches, and seams, then polish for a like new look and shine.  Our skilled technician and our line of products have the ability to clean and revitalize any of the following flooring types:  Hardwood, Laminate, Bamboo, Cork, Travertine, Lino, Ceramic, Slate, and ever rubber.  Call for an appointment today!